Superpower Pint Glasses

Superpower Pint Glasses
$ 10.00

Just in time for Winter Festivities, a limited-edition pint of seasonally appropriate CHEER is now available for pre-order.

Now you can take your superpowers by the pint: these can-shaped pint glasses are styled after the iconic BSSCo. line of superpowers, and can be used to sip concentrated antimatter, chutzpah, inspiration, omnipotence, pride or your favorite standard human potables.

Each glass is available individually, or purchase a set of four to save 20% and receive a free gift/carrying box. Please note on the order which four glasses you'd like in your set; you can also order four of the same glass, or any other combination.

CHEER glasses will be available on December 6th, 2018 for immediate pick-up in our store. Shipments of CHEER will commence that weekend for delivery in time for winter gift giving celebrations. If you order a set that contains CHEER, all four glasses will be shipped together on or around December 6th.

These temporal restrictions do not affect our other superpower pint glasses, which are in stock and ready for shipment today.

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