826NYC Review #01

826NYC Review #01

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The first volume of the 826NYC Review was published in 2005 and features stories, interviews, poetry and drama from our first year of workshops, field trips, drop-in tutoring and in-schools programs. It includes:

  • The first-ever published story about miniature jumping T. Rexes
  • A Choose-Your-Own Adventure about a cat named Excellent Phil
  • Two appearances by Hillary Duff
  • Five headlines about mold
  • A full glossary that defines, among many other things, the Truffle Shuffle, the magical properties of seltzer, and the state of New Jersey
  • A short story about a mysterious plant with a penchant for suicide
  • Four distinct evil laughs
  • Ten words in Zombie Goat, a language spoken only by goats who are also zombies
  • Three new sitcom pilots, each taking place in high school, one starring dogs
  • The 826NYC Interview with Abed Hamdan, author of "Pat the Rat"

"Quite simply, the first in a series" - from the introduction by H. Mildew


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